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Allowable items

• Salaries and related benefits proportional to the effort devoted to the project (Maximum recognized salary as determined by NIH cap)
• Project-specific equipment. Equipment that costs more than $20,000 must be included as a line item in the budget with a budget justification paragraph.
• Laboratory reagents and supplies required for Grant research
• Travel up to $2,000 per year for meetings or presentations relevant to Grant
• Publishing fees for publications relevant to Grant, up to $3000 per publication
• Indirect costs up to 10% direct costs

Unallowable items

• Student or work visas
• Infrastructure (including rent, office and laboratory renovations)
• General office supplies or expenses
• Personal computers or general software or equipment
• Service contracts and maintenance costs. Exceptions may be made for equipment purchased with Grant funds that is dedicated solely to the funded project.
• Institutional telecommunication fees or other fees charged as a per user rate
• Membership dues, journal subscriptions, books
• Lobbying