The Mark Foundation Awards First Grant to Seattle Biotech Company

In September 2017, The Mark Foundation announced its inaugural award to Seattle-based oncology company, Presage Biosciences. The Foundation provided support for a one-year feasibility study employing CIVO™ technology, Presage’s novel drug development platform which aims to assess drugs and drug combinations directly in patient tumors.

Dr. Michele Cleary, CEO of The Mark Foundation, remarked, “The development of Presage’s intratumoral microdosing platform is well aligned with The Mark Foundation’s mission of funding groundbreaking cancer research that integrates the discovery of new knowledge in biology with innovative technology solutions. The proven track record of the Presage scientific team in combining a deep understanding of tumor biology with cutting-edge approaches provides us with great confidence that our support of this endeavor will ultimately result in better options for patients with cancer.”

Read official press release here.