The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research is an investor in Accent Therapeutics, a Boston-area platform biopharmaceutical company focused on RNA-modifying proteins (RMPs) implicated in cancer. Accent is developing small molecule inhibitors of promising targets within this space. The rich pipeline of programs at Accent has the potential to deliver multiple new therapies to patients across a variety of cancer indications, including hematologic and solid tumors.

The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research is an investor in C2i Genomics, a company based in NYC and Israel developing ultra-sensitive liquid biopsy technologies. C2i spun out of foundational research at Weill Cornell Medicine and the New York Genome Center that was funded by a 2018 ASPIRE award from The Mark Foundation. By combining the power of whole genome sequencing and proprietary machine learning algorithms, C2i aims to provide a personalized, real-time solution for monitoring recurrence and treatment response for various types of solid cancers throughout multiple cycles of care.

The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research is an investor in GRAIL, a California-based healthcare company focused on developing technologies for the early detection of cancer. Aligned with our mission to fund groundbreaking research integrating discoveries in biology with innovative technology, The Mark Foundation expects that this investment will accelerate the development of early detection technologies that have the potential to reduce cancer deaths globally.

The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research is an investor in Interius Biotherapeutics, a next generation in vivo cell reprogramming company located in Philadelphia. Interius is developing technologies initially conceived as the basis for an Emerging Leader Award (ELA) from the Mark Foundation to Saar Gill, MD, PhD, from the University of Pennsylvania. Support from the Mark Foundation directly resulted in key inventions forming the basis for further work. Interius is initially focused on realizing dramatic improvements in the safety and accessibility of cell therapies for patients with B cell malignancies.

The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research is an investor in Boston-based Verseau Therapeutics, a company developing cancer immunotherapies that induce macrophage repolarization in the tumor microenvironment. Macrophage repolarization converts immuno-suppressive, pro-tumorigenic macrophages into pro-inflammatory macrophages, which in turn stimulate a coordinated anti-tumor immune response. Verseau’s therapies have the potential to serve more patients than existing T-cell based immunotherapies, as macrophages are found in a greater number of solid tumors and have been shown in preclinical studies to induce more potent immune responses. The Mark Foundation expects that Verseau’s first-in-class monoclonal antibodies, targeting PSGL-1 and VSIG4, will broaden the patient population in certain solid tumors that can benefit from immunotherapy.

The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research is an investor in Immunitas Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company in the Boston area developing a pipeline of novel immuno-oncology therapeutics and an accompanying single-cell genomics-based platform. Immunitas is turning insights from human biology into actionable drug development, beginning with first-in-class T and NK cell modulators that will be developed with a precision immuno-oncology approach. The company’s platforms allow for rapid nomination and validation of novel targets, data-driven indication prioritization, and biomarker-based selection of patients most likely to benefit, focusing on both hematologic cancers and difficult-to-treat solid tumors. One of the scientific founders of Immunitas is Mario Suvà, MD, PhD of Massachusetts General Hospital, a Mark Foundation Emerging Leader Award recipient.