December 18, 2017

The Mark Foundation Announces Its First Postdoctoral Fellowships in Cancer Research

The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research announced the recipients of its inaugural postdoctoral fellowships. In line with its mission of funding the next generation of cancer research scientists, The Mark Foundation has partnered with several non-profit organizations to support the work of postdoctoral researchers who are carrying out projects with the potential to deepen our understanding of cancer biology and to accelerate cures from the bench to bedside.

The Mark Foundation is funding two postdoctoral fellows through a partnership with Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation. Dr. J. Brooks Crickard works in the laboratory of Dr. Eric Greene at Columbia University and is using advanced microscope techniques to visualize how damaged DNA is repaired. Dr. Jing Lin (Lucy) Xie, who works in the laboratory of Dr. Daniel Jarosz at Stanford University, is investigating how misfolded proteins may contribute to chemotherapy failure.

The Mark Foundation has awarded a third postdoctoral fellowship in partnership with the Life Sciences Research Foundation. Dr. Yang Hai, who works in the laboratory of Dr. Yi Tang at University of California, Los Angeles, is deconstructing the process by which certain fungi produce natural products that could be useful for discovering new cancer drugs.

Learn more about The Mark Foundation’s postdoctoral fellows here.

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