May 14, 2019

Three New Innovation Projects Funded

NEW YORK, NY — The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research announced today that it has given ASPIRE Awards for three projects. The total amount funded is $2.3 million for five years.

The projects funded include the following:

  • A Broad Institute and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute study to broadly characterize genetic variations and increase the number of cancer patients who benefit from precision medicine
  • A Johns Hopkins study aimed at better understanding the links between chronic inflammation, chromosomal instability, and increased risk of developing certain cancers
  • Research at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop methods for machine learning of disease progression and treatment effectiveness that are broadly applicable across cancers

The ASPIRE (Accelerating Scientific Platforms and Innovative Research) program funds high risk, high reward approaches to solving complex problems in cancer research that tend to fall outside the scope of other funding opportunities. ASPIRE awards are designed to answer key proof-of-concept questions in a short timeframe

For additional information about The Mark Foundation’s ASPIRE Awards, visit:

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