July 3, 2019

New Blood Cancer Discoveries Grant Program Launched

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research (MFCR), and The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group (PAFG) are proud to announce the Blood Cancer Discoveries Grant Program (BCDG), a new grant program designed to encourage basic research, technological innovation, and informatics pipeline development that can lead to an understanding of blood cancer disease mechanisms, the development of improved methods for detecting and monitoring cancer progression, and the identification of novel therapeutic targets.

LLS, MFCR, and PAFG are sponsoring and issuing this Request for Applications (RFA) from independent academic investigators for support of foundational, early stage research that can lead to advances in the treatment and cure of blood cancers. LLS, MFCR and PAFG recognize the need for a dedicated mechanism to encourage established investigators to explore the biology of blood cancer and support proof-of-concept studies that could initiate completely novel approaches to treatment.

For more information on this funding opportunity, and to apply, visit www.LLS.org/Research/Discovery.

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