February 22, 2024

The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research Partners with Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research to Jointly Fund Two Collaborative Grants Totaling $1M

New York, NY, February 22, 2024-The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research has once again teamed up with Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research to fund two new collaborative grants totaling $1M. These grants were made available exclusively to current and former Gabrielle’s Angels grantees.

The two outstanding scientific teams below were selected for funding. Note: For more detailed information, project titles link to the corresponding research portfolio pages on The Mark Foundation website.

David Dominguez-Sola, MD, PhD
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai-Tisch Cancer Institute
Daniel Herranz Benito, PharmD, PhD
Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey
Chromatin Remodeling INO80 Complex as Targeted Therapeutics Platform in Hematologic Malignancies

Drs. Herranz Benito and Dominguez-Sola will seek to evaluate the role of INO80 in lymphoid malignancies. INO80, a factor involved in genome maintenance, is mutated in difficult-to-treat lymphomas, including the rare but lethal hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma. “This grant will allow us to investigate in detail the role INO80, of a very important player in lymphocytes which has somehow remained largely unexplored,” said Dr. Herranz Benito. “Importantly, we believe that we can harness the knowledge to be obtained to find novel therapeutic strategies for the treatment of several types of very lethal lymphomas. We are incredibly honored and extremely grateful for the support from Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation and The Mark Foundation to pursue this exciting project.”

Jeffrey Magee, MD, PhD
Grant Challen, PhD
Stephen Sykes, PhD
Washington University in St. Louis
Epigenetic and Metabolic Vulnerabilities in High-Risk Pediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Drs. Magee, Challen, and Sykes will focus on epigenetic and metabolic vulnerabilities in high-risk pediatric acute myeloid leukemia. Dr. Magee explained, “This support from Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation and The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research will allow us to bring a multidisciplinary approach to identify new cures for pediatric acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Pediatric AML can be caused by a variety of different mutations, some of which are well-understood and some of which are not. We are focusing on the types of AML that are poorly understood, remain difficult to cure, and are relatively unique to pediatric AML patients. We will develop new tools for studying these leukemias with the goal of better understanding gene regulation and metabolism. The studies will identify unappreciated drug targets for currently incurable pediatric leukemias.”

The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research and Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation have been working together since 2020.  “We are so excited to partner with The Mark Foundation once again to jointly fund these truly groundbreaking collaborative grants,” says Denise Rich, Founder of Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research. “Opening up this application to current and former Gabrielle’s Angels grantees was such a special opportunity which allows us to continue to reinvest in our grantees’ work. We’re grateful to The Mark Foundation for making it possible and helping us get one step closer to a cure!”

“Both of these collaborative projects aim to answer critical questions in blood cancers, each with great potential for impact to move their respective research fields forward,” added Ryan Schoenfeld, PhD, Mark Foundation CEO. “We are thrilled to be again partnering with Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation to support this important work.”

About The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research

The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research, a charitable organization based in New York City, actively partners with scientists around the world to accelerate research that will transform the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.  Since 2017, The Mark Foundation has awarded more than $220 million in grants to over 100 academic institutions across 16 countries, with research programs focusing on early career support, team science collaboration, new technology innovation, and therapeutics discovery.  Additionally, The Mark Foundation maintains a growing portfolio of investments in early-stage cancer diagnostics and therapeutics companies, including several that have transitioned from grantee projects into commercial development.  To learn more please visit www.TheMarkFoundation.org.

About Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research

Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research funds the nation’s best and brightest scientists whose research focuses on finding less toxic treatments for patients with leukemia, lymphoma, and related cancers. On average, eighty-eight cents of every dollar directly funds research which to date represents more than $41 million in global giving. Since 1996, the Foundation has honored Gabrielle’s memory by funding the boldest, most cutting-edge ideas in cancer research. www.gabriellesangels.org


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