Scientific Symposium 2022

October 17, 2022 to October 18, 2022

The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research hosted its third annual Scientific Symposium in New York City, on October 17 and 18, 2022. After a hiatus in 2021, the Foundation was thrilled to convene more than 150 scientists from around the world for the two-day event. Presentations and panel discussions on emerging topics in cancer research from scientists and entrepreneurs supported by The Mark Foundation were featured.

Ryan Schoenfeld, PhD, CEO of The Mark Foundation opened the program highlighting the fifth anniversary of the Foundation’s first grant signed in September 2017 and five years of impact. More than 200 grants have been awarded over those five years, totaling more than $180 million awarded across 13 countries to enable and accelerate innovative investigations covering a multitude of cancer types and research stages, from discovery to translational to clinical. Over that same five-year period, The Mark Foundation has built a robust and growing portfolio of investments in oncology-focused companies developing novel therapeutics and diagnostics.

“By all accounts, the 2022 Mark Foundation Scientific Symposium was a grand success,” commented Raymond N. DuBois, MD, PhD, the Foundation’s Executive Chairman. “The presentations and panel discussions were outstanding. Beyond that, the opportunity for these leaders in cancer research to network, brainstorm, and collaborate represent the power of The Mark Foundation community which will continue to propel our impact going forward.”

Ryan Schoenfeld summed up the experience, “We saw a lot of amazing science that came out of research funded by The Mark Foundation. We’re excited and already planning for our Scientific Symposium 2023.”

Read more about the presentations, panels, and stellar speakers in our Symposium booklet and scroll through our photo gallery.


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