Jeroen Roose, PhD

University of California, San Francisco

Dr. Roose is Principal Investigator and Vice Chair of Anatomy at the University of California, San Francisco. He is also a co-founder of UCSF’s ImmunoX, and of Seal Biosciences, Inc., and runs an organoid disease to biology team in UCSF’s Central Research Labs. Dr. Roose’s research has significantly advanced our understanding of the impact Ras-kinase signals on cell fate decisions in health and disease. The Roose lab team explores Ras signaling in the context of three cell fates and disease types: T cells causing autoimmunity, bone marrow progenitors in leukemias, and epithelial stem and progenitor cells in carcinomas. By taking a collaborative approach working with biophysicists, computational engineers, geneticists, and many clinicians, the Roose research team spans the gamut from fundamental science to pre-clinical trials.

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