Decoding the Autoantibody ‘Reactome’ in Cancer Immunotherapy

2024 Emerging Leader Award

Aaron Ring, MD, PhD, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Aaron Ring, MD, PhD

This project explores the diverse effects of autoantibodies on cancer immunotherapy outcomes, seeking to understand why patients respond so differently to treatment. Using a new antibody profiling technology called REAP, the study aims to identify autoantibodies that could serve as biomarkers to predict treatment responses and pinpoint new targets for therapeutic development. 

Dr. Aaron Ring, MD, PhD, is an Associate Professor and Anderson Family Chair for Immunotherapy at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. He completed his undergraduate studies at Yale University followed by an MD/PhD at Stanford Medical School. Dr. Ring’s research integrates protein engineering with systems immunology to discover novel targets for cancer therapy and to develop new drugs against them. Research from the Ring lab led to the development of innovative cancer immunotherapies, including drugs for the IL-18, IL-2, and SIRPα/CD47 pathways that are currently being evaluated in clinical trials. The Ring lab has also pioneered new technologies in systems immunology, including the REAP autoantibody discovery platform.