Elucidating the Effects of Inflammation and Aging on Clonal Hematopoiesis

Momentum Fellow (2022-2023)

Inés Fernández Maestre, PhD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Inés Fernández Maestre, PhD

Dr. Fernández Maestre is working to define the role of inflammation as an agent of selective pressure on clonal hematopoiesis progression and potential malignant transformation and determine the extent of its specific contributions during aging.

published research

Amor C, Fernández-Maestre I, Chowdhury S, Ho YJ, Nadella S, Graham C, Carrasco SE, Nnuji-John E, Feucht J, Hinterleitner C, Barthet VJA, Boyer JA, Mezzadra R, Wereski MG, Tuveson DA, Levine RL, Jones LW, Sadelain M, Lowe SW. Prophylactic and long-lasting efficacy of senolytic CAR T cells against age-related metabolic dysfunction. Nat Aging. 2024.

Longhini ALF, Fernández-Maestre I, Kennedy MC, Wereski MG, Mowla S, Xiao W, Lowe SW, Levine RL, Gardner R. Development of a customizable mouse backbone spectral flow cytometry panel to delineate immune cell populations in normal and tumor tissues. Front Immunol. 2024.