Expanding Upon Induced Proximity-Based Therapeutic Modalities

Momentum Fellow (2021-2022)

James Papatzimas, PhD, University of California, Berkeley

James Papatzimas, PhD

Dr. Papatzimas is developing next-generation chemical biology approaches for drug discovery using induced proximity-based therapeutic paradigms in the hopes that these modalities will lead to novel cancer therapies against undruggable protein targets.

published research

Toriki ES, Papatzimas JW, Nishikawa K, Dovala D, Frank AO, Hesse MJ, Dankova D, Song JG, Bruce-Smythe M, Struble H, Garcia FJ, Brittain SM, Kile AC, McGregor LM, McKenna JM, Tallarico JA, Schirle M, Nomura DK. Rational Chemical Design of Molecular Glue Degraders. ACS Cent Sci. 2023.