Impact of Liver Biology on Cancer Immunity

In Partnership with The American Association for Cancer Research (2020-Present)

Gregory L. Beatty, MD, PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Gregory Beatty, MD, PhD

Gregory L. Beatty, MD, PhD, University of Pennsylvania, will study how the liver affects cancer immunotherapy efficacy. The goals of his project are to define determinants of the liver response to human cancer and to interrogate mechanisms by which the liver coordinates immune dysfunction. In doing so, Beatty aims to identify novel therapeutic targets and new treatments for patients with cancer.

“I am so thrilled to receive this AACR-The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research “Science of the Patient” Grant, which will allow my research team and me to conduct studies on the connection between the liver, cancer, and immunity, and follow our vision of broadening the efficacy of immunotherapy,” said Beatty.

Content courtesy of AACR


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