Systematic Identification of Metabolite-Protein Interactions in Human Cells

Damon Runyon - Mark Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow (2019-Present)

Jonathan Van Vranken, PhD, Harvard Medical School

Jonathan Van Vranken, PhD

Dr. Van Vranken is focusing on the metabolic alterations associated with human cancers. In order to support normal physiology, all cells must obtain nutrients from the environment and allocate them toward both the production of energy and synthesis of cellular building blocks. Cancer cells often reprogram their metabolism to support the uncontrolled growth associated with tumors. Dr. Van Vranken is using mass spectrometry-based approaches to investigate the mechanisms underlying the changes in cellular metabolism. His research will shed light on how metabolites interact with the proteome (all the proteins in a cell) to support cell growth and proliferation.

Content courtesy of Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation


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