Regulation of Phagocyte Physiology During Cancer Cell Clearance

Cancer Research Institute - Mark Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow (2017-2018)

Justin Perry, PhD, University of Virginia

Dr. Perry is probing how dead cancer cells are cleared from the body, and the impact of this clean-up process on cancer therapy and the immune response.


Morioka S, Perry JSA, Raymond MH, Medina CB, Zhu Y, Zhao L, Serbulea V, Onengut-Gumuscu S, Leitinger N, Kucenas S, Rathmell JC, Makowski L, Ravichandran KS. Efferocytosis induces a novel SLC program to promote glucose uptake and lactate release. Nature. 2018.

Perry JSA, Morioka S, Medina CB, Iker Etchegaray J, Barron B, Raymond MH, Lucas CD, Onengut-Gumuscu S, Delpire E, Ravichandran KS. Interpreting an apoptotic corpse as anti-inflammatory involves a chloride sensing pathway. Nat Cell Biol. 2019.