News & Notes: Spring 2022

The first few months of 2022 have been a pivotal time for The Mark Foundation. We welcomed our new Executive Chairman Raymond DuBois, announced Ryan Schoenfeld's appointment to CEO, and gratefully acknowledged a new $500 million commitment from our founder, Alex Knaster, to continue funding cutting-edge cancer research. We're happy to share that and much more in this spring newsletter.

New Funding Opportunities Multi-investigator teams worldwide can now apply for a Mark Foundation 2023 Endeavor Award - $3 million grants over three years to support innovative collaborations in cancer research. The Endeavor RFP deadline is 7/13. Learn More
Raymond N. DuBois appointed The Mark Foundation Executive Chairman; Founder Alex Knaster Commits $500M in New Funding 

In February we were honored to announce that Raymond N. (Ray) DuBois, MD, PhD, an internationally renowned oncology expert, joined The Mark Foundation as Executive Chairman of the Board.

Concurrently, The Mark Foundation announced that our founder, Alex Knaster, committed to funding an additional $500 million to cutting-edge cancer research. Read More

Ryan Schoenfeld appointed CEO We are pleased to announce that Ryan Schoenfeld was appointed Chief Executive Officer of The Mark Foundation. An experienced scientific leader, Ryan has played a critical role, during his four year tenure, in leading the scientific team in supporting promising high-risk, high-reward grants and investments. Read More
Paul Goldberg, editor and publisher of The Cancer Letter, interviewed Ray DuBois and Ryan Schoenfeld on The Mark Foundation's plans. Read the article and watch the interview here.
Four Multi-Disciplinary Research Teams Receive The Mark Foundation 2022 Endeavor Awards

Inspiring collaboration in cancer research, four outstanding multi-disciplinary scientific research teams, from top cancer centers across two continents and eight US states, received a total of $12 million in funding from the Endeavor awards. Read More

2022 Emerging Leader Awards Announced
$5.25 million was awarded to seven outstanding early-career scientists in support of high-risk/high-reward cancer research. Read More.
Ray DuBois was honored with a 2022 AACR Distinguished Service Award during the opening ceremony of the AACR convention on April 10. Read More.
Cigall Kadoch, a 2019 inaugural Mark Foundation Emerging Leader Awardee (ELA), was selected to become an HHMI Investigator. Read here about Kadoch's research and how the ELA support played a significant role.
Six Mark Foundation researchers received awards from AACR, ASCO, and The Foundation ARC for their pioneering and innovative work. Read More
Michael Schatz, professor of computer science and biology at Johns Hopkins University and Mark Foundation ASPIRE awardee, was announced to the TIME 100 Most Influential People 2022 for helping complete the human genome sequence, work funded in part by his ASPIRE award. Congratulation to Mike and the entire Telomere-to-Telomere Consortium (T2T) of scientists.
Grantee Success Story The Mark Foundation applauds Ben Greenbaum, from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, whose research on inherent trade-offs in tumor evolution, part of a project supported by The Pershing Square Sohn Prize-Mark Foundation Fellowship, was published in Nature. Read More
Spotlight on The Mark Foundation Centers
The Mark Foundation Center for Immunotherapy, Immune Signaling, and Radiation at the University of Pennsylvania is one of three Mark Foundation Centers established to fund dynamic teams of investigators at leading cancer institutions around the world. Read here about Center Director Andy Minn and his team's work, converging anti-tumor immunology and radiation oncology, which is poised to bring novel combination therapies to the oncology clinic.
The Mark Foundation at AACR 2022
Presenting on wide-ranging topics from cancer genetics and immunology to therapeutics development and clinical trials, more than 40 Mark Foundation grantees took to the stage at AACR 2022, in New Orleans. Pictured here Catriona Jamieson, MD, PhD, of University of California San Diego, spoke on pre-cancer stem cell evolution.
The Mark Foundation’s investment portfolio company and ASPIRE research grant alumnus C2i Genomics showcased their whole genome sequencing-based, ultra-sensitive liquid biopsy technology, “a new age in cancer surveillance,” with a bold exhibit and four poster presentations at AACR. Read More 
After receiving his AACR Distinguished Service Award during the Opening Ceremony at the AACR 2022 Annual Meeting, Ray DuBois later presented his award lecture on elucidating the role of COX-2 in colorectal cancer.
The Mark Foundation Modeling Workshop The Mark Foundation held a “Predicting Clinical Success: Preclinical Modeling in Cancer” Workshop at The MIT Endicott House in early May. Experts in murine models, organoids, large animal models, and beyond gathered to brainstorm, challenge current assumptions, identify gaps in knowledge and resources, and present ideas that could ultimately lead to novel preclinical models that will accelerate mechanistic studies and therapeutics development. 
The Mark Foundation is Hiring Current openings: Scientific Director to help build, shape, and direct the Foundation’s portfolio of innovative cancer research projects, primarily composed of grants to academic investigators.  Development Director to assist in the Foundation’s fundraising efforts, focused on establishing new partnerships and securing donors who are interested in helping fund our innovative cancer research awards. Please visit our website careers page here to learn more and apply. 
Published Research Visit to see our grantees’ recent publications.
The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research actively partners with scientists to accelerate research that will transform the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. We fulfill our mission by supporting groundbreaking science carried out by individual investigators, multi-disciplinary teams, and early-stage companies in the United States and across the globe.
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